Reviews copied from our facebook page 

"I recently struggled with a long list of car problems... it was a nightmare. But Jose and his guys went out of their way to make the situation as painless as they could. They were very good at keeping me informed, and I felt like they truly cared and weren't just out to "make a fast buck". They are very knowledgeable and take pride in "treating the customer right". Thank you!!!" - Dana Lundy

"I'm from out of town and stopped by with a tire issue. Even though they were busy, they took the time to help me right away. Jose and Adam were friendly, professional, and helped me with exactly what I needed. I'd highly recommend A Plus Auto!!" - Katy Roat

"I just moved here to Iowa not too long ago, this shop is great, take great care of me. They have my business!!"- Laura Baird

"Awesome same day service. Very professional service and staff! This is our families "go to" for car maintenance!" - Kim Wells

"A plus auto is the only place we have taken our cars for the last 4 years and thru 2 different sets of management. They have always done exceptional work on our cars. When they find anything wrong other that what we took it in for they always call us and let us know so we can save money by having it fixed right away. The pricing for parts and labor has always seemed fair me. And if they need to keep your vehicle they almost always have a loaner for you to take home so you are not left with no means of getting around. I live 40 minutes away from indianola and will always choose to take my car back to A plus. I have also recommended them to co workers and friends. • • •" - Brandi Metz

"I have taken my Passat TDI, my wifes Passat TDI, my son's Jetta TDI and my other son's GTI to Jose and the man is an automotive super sleuth. He found and fixed all issues with all the vehicles. And the work is nothing short of outstanding. He is very conscientious about the work done there as if it were his own vehicle he was working on. I HIGHLY recomend him to my family and friends. He has return customers for sure with just my family alone." - Des Moines Area IRR